Fauna & Flora at the SEEC

“This is an exceptional landscape, high in conservation, scenic and amenity value, a place of legendary beauty with potential to become a world heritage site.” – Megan Anderson, Landscape Architect.

  • Soetwater is a protected natural coastal region, where animals of all shape and size frolic, crawl or swim in unspoiled ocean water or sandy and colourful fynbos.

    Soetwater is home to an almost endless range of animals, and you stand a good chance to spot a cape grysbok, or a caracal, a cape chacma baboon, a small grey mongoose, porcupines, striped mice, genets, angulate tortoise, cape skinks, or cape girdled lizards.

    Our family of reptiles is harder to spot, but equally abundant all over Soetwater, and includes the venomous Cape Cobra, the Puff Adder, the Boomslang as well as harmless mole snakes, herald snakes, aurora house snakes, harlequin snakes, common slugeaters and olive house snakes.

  • The plants you find at Soetwater are part of the Cape Floral Kingdom’s Fynbos (“fine bush”) – a unique group of plants you will only find around Cape Town, with a total of 8500 different plant species, including protea, succulents, ericas, bulbs and daisy flowers.
    Fynbos is a paradise for birds, and Soetwater is home to big families of coastal birds including cormorants, plovers, gulls, ibis, herons, terns, geese, kingfishers, egrets and oystercatchers, as well as land birds including robins, francolins, fowls, sunbirds, starlings, weavers, pigeons, ravens, owls, eagles, kites and buzzards.